Design Guidelines


I-94 Corridor Design Guidelines, Detroit, Michigan

With HNTB Corporation

The project rehabilitates 6.7 miles of I-94 through downtown Detroit. Themes developed by the community advisory group and Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) informed the design team’s ideas for freeway elements including bridge piers; mechanically-stabilized-earth (MSE) retaining walls; noise walls; interchange ramp piers; lighting fixtures; and railings.

One of my design contributions, the Constellation Pattern for MSE and noise walls, was selected by the community and has been constructed. The spiraling organic abstract pattern expresses celestial imagery and references the North Star, significant in the history of the Underground Railroad and the city of Detroit.

I proposed that over-crossing bridges feature Civic/ Neighborhood Zones where the individuality of each neighborhood could be expressed in public art, paving and special plantings. I contributed conceptual landscape prototypes featuring a diverse MDOT-approved plant palette for interchanges, mainline and the service drives adjacent to the neighborhoods.

Additionally, I was content author, editor, photographer and graphic designer for community meeting presentation materials and for the Design Guidelines.

Constellation Pattern MSE Wall, Detroit, MI, 2018



Blue Water Bridge Aesthetic Design Guide
Port Huron, Michigan

With HNTB Corporation

This complex project involved conceptual designs for the expansion of the Blue Water Bridge plaza at the international border crossing to Canada and reconfigured I-94/I-69 through the city of Port Huron including a new Welcome Center.

Michigan Department of Transportation’s Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) process involved a community advisory committee and stakeholders ranging from the Federal Highway Administration, the General Services Administration and Homeland Security, to local businesses and residents, and representatives from the chamber of commerce and city and county agencies.

The Blue Water Bridge plaza, situated within a residential neighborhood, has fencing and perimeter walls up to 30' in height; the design team was challenged to blend the plaza with its surroundings. An inviting gateway is designed to greet international visitors as they exit the plaza and encourages them to visit Port Huron.

Architecture of Lake Huron lighthouses and harbor lights inspired my design ideas for an ensemble of freeway elements including piers, wing walls and lighting, along with the design for the mechanically-stabilized-earth (MSE) perimeter walls.

I was content author, editor and graphic designer for the Aesthetic Design Guide.